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Bournemouth Borough Council provided sponsorship and promotion through its tourism department.

Bournemouth University provided sponsorship, promotion and in kind support (cameras, software, studios, etc.). Its staff and students contributed their time, efforts and considerable talents.

The Shelley Theatre hosted the debut of the theatrical version of Shelley's Heart.


St. Peter's Church was our location for 4 night shoots and provided the many landmarks that Shelley Heart's 4 story-paths are linked to. The church also hosted a gala dinner on the night of the locative launch.

The Shelley Frankenstein Festival helped promote both the stage version and the locative version of Shelley's Heart and will host community outreach events related to the project each November.

Doppelganger Productions helped with theatre bookings and also hiring actors and other industry professionals.


Art University Bournemouth sponsored an academic conference coinciding with the locative debut of Shelley's Heart.

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