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Bradford G - Creator

Bradford (AKA Brad Gyori) is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Storytelling at Bournemouth University. He is a 5-time Emmy nominated writer-producer with a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition. He wrote, designed, directed, edited and produced Shelley's Heart.

John Foster - Production Development

John is a BAFTA winning television writer, an Offie winning playwright and the founder and Artistic Director of Doppelganger Productions.  He helped to shepherd Shelley's Heart through important initial stages of development. 

Charlie Hargood - Locative Developer & Supervisor

Charlie is a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University in the department of Creative Technology. He is an internationally recognised research leader in narrative systems. He supervised the location-aware programming.

Steve Rafter - 360 Audio Designer & Supervisor


Steve is a Sound Designer & BU Lecturer whose work spans a number of creative fields including film, TV, theatre, live events, sound installation, advertising, music and education. He supervised the creation of 360 degree audio designs.

Shaun Osborne - Cinematographer

Shaun is a Technical Tutor at Bournemouth University. He instructs journalism students working with cameras and audio recording kit in the field and studio. He organised and oversaw both location and studio film shoots He also created the looping cinemagraphs and edited the promotional trailer.

Josh Pyman - Gaffer & Steadicam Operator

Josh is an MA Production student at Bournemouth University. He supervised the lighting and operated the steadicam.

Lokesh Sivakumar - Web Developer & Supervisor

Lokesh is a Bournemouth-based web developer. He oversaw the creation of the interactive web nodes.

Chris Hull - Animator

Chris graduated in BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts from the NCCA at Bournemouth University with focused experience utilising Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop. He created the animations.

Saeed Rashid- Second Unit Cinemtographer

Saeed is a Technical Tutor at Bournemouth University and an award-winning underwater photographer. He  organised and shot the second unit footage.

Keely Saunders - Stage Manager

Keely Saunders is a theatrical manager affiliated with the Shelley Theatre. She staged managed the live performances of Shelley's Heart.

Emily Barratt & Alex Shore - Costume Designers

Emily & Alex are Hampshire & Dorset based costumers. Individually, they contributed wardrobe to different stages of the production.

Mark Phillips - Set Designer

Mark is a Dorset-based set designer and builder. He created the set pieces and backdrops for the theatrical version of Shelley's Heart.

Rose Perry - Make-up Effects

Rose is a Dorset-based make-up effects artist. She transformed Steve into a monster and helped with period hairstyles. 

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